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Product management: don't forget the enticers! 28 Jan 2013

There are a bunch of rules one has to follow when baking bread commercially. Food and health regulations specify ranges and tolerances such as the minimum and maximum amount of grains, but also the maximum percentage of residue coming from bugs (yuck!). Somebody who follows all of these rules, and bakes a bread that gets close to all of these maximum values has a bread that is approved by these regulations, but nobody would come close to eating it. It just does not taste right! Read more

Web application versus web site 18 Jan 2013

My company, Sacryn, focuses on web applications. When a person asks me what I do, and I tell them that I work with small software teams to develop web applications, I often see a puzzled look on their face. What is a web application? And why would anyone want that? Other times people think I’m talking about web sites. Read more

A long-form site design 29 Dec 2012

When we designed this site, we wanted it to be short and to-the-point. After giving it some thought, we decided to go for a single long-form(ish) page that contains everything a visitor needs: Read more

Feeling the pain 08 May 2012

I’m not only a software guy… I’m also a photographer. Lately personal reasons have led me to reflect a lot on my current life and career. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to split my time between multiple activities. Have some work in the software business, and reserve some time for my photography business. If possible, do some writing as well… (I’m an aspiring author of a novel) Read more

Keep your code malleable 06 Apr 2012

I’ve been practicing agile development for many, many years now. I’ve always liked the rhythm that user story driven development gives you. I also like the constant prioritizing that goes on in agile projects. Read more

99.99% uptime and still not satisfied 24 Mar 2012

I’ve been involved in developing and operating SaaS applications for a while now. One of the questions that is often asked is: what uptime do you guarantee? Some customers simply demand 99.99% uptime, but I’m not sure whether they really realize what they are asking for. Read more

Kindle: an excellent single-purpose device 14 Mar 2012

I love my iPad. I really like a lot of the apps that you can get for it. I enjoy reading my email, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos. I use it as well to organize my thoughts, to listen to music, to act as the remote control for my Sonos wireless hi-fi system and to watch the excellent training videos of Kelby Training. Read more

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