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We work with SMEs to take web application ideas from concept to market by applying agile principles.


What we do

We believe creating good software is a craft. We offer consulting & training formulae that are designed to improve your team’s craftsmanship and deliver great web apps.

Consulting packages

Bootstrap: We work with you to take an idea for a web application from concept to market.

We sit with you to define the project, create user stories & build a prioritized backlog. We work with your team in one-week iterations to get to a minimum viable product as fast as possible while ensuring the solution is well-crafted and ready for growth.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a working product that your team can enhance & maintain autonomously.

Mentoring: We are expert web developers who love to teach and mentor. The mentoring formula focuses on good software design practices, test-driven development, pair programming and applying agile principles.

This package mixes group and individual sessions. There are exercises to focus on a particular skill, as well as sessions that will use & evolve your current codebase.

À la carte: If our formulae don’t meet your needs, we can design a tailor-made package for you.

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We love sharing our knowledge and opinions about topics related to web application development and agile management practices. We even throw in an occasional bit of code.

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Open source projects

RowExpander: a jQuery plugin to load and manage dynamically expandable rows in a table.


  • Ruby, the programming language
  • Ruby on Rails, the web framework
  • JavaScript & CoffeeScript
  • Backbone.js
  • jQuery


We offer in-house hands-on training on practices and technologies used for web app development.

Agile product management: 1 day

  • User stories
  • Story mapping
  • Keeping a prioritized backlog
  • Focus on business value

Software development practices: 1 day

  • 4 rules of simple design
  • Test-driven development
  • Clean code
  • Pairing techniques

Clean architecture in Ruby: 2 days

  • Why clean architecture?
  • Business logic without external dependencies
  • Fast tests
  • Ports & adapters
  • Rails as a delivery mechanism
  • More delivery mechanisms
  • Messaging to decouple domains
  • Alternatives

How we do it


Improve development practices

Focus on clean, maintainable, malleable code. All development is done test driven. We are big proponents of pair programming, and working in short iterations.


Agile product management

Understand what’s important and what’s simply nice-to-have or even unnecessary. We work with you to keep a well-groomed & prioritized backlog.


Deployment is part of the process

In our opinion deployment should not be an afterthought but it has to be a firm part of the development process. We always use continuous integration and we typically go for continuous deployment.


Small productive teams

We believe in small, autonomous teams. These teams are often highly productive, and can get a lot done with very little overhead. Ideally the teams we work with have between 2 and 10 members.



It is our mission to make your team self-sufficient. When we leave, your team will be able to continue developing, deploying & maintaining your web application. Of course we will be glad to work with you on new initiatives.


Technology for business

Although we love to play with new technology, we like it even better if the right technology gets applied for the right job. We believe in technology for business.


Desktop, tablet, smartphone, API

A web application is more than an application that happens to be used through a web browser. We can help you deliver web apps that work great on desktop, tablet and smartphone, and that can be used in integration scenarios through APIs.


Flexibility: it is about your needs

We apply a proven methodology to the development of web applications, while remaining flexible, as no two projects are the same. We are driven to cater to your business needs.

Who we are

Erik Sacré, Software craftsman

Professional technologist since 1991, primarily focused on creating web applications and enhancing team skills & collaboration since 2000.

International experience, working with distributed teams and creating solutions for multiple markets. Erik loves web technology, but he likes it even better when it gets applied pragmatically to solve real business problems for real customers.

Being a strong believer in agile practices & software craftsmanship, Erik pushes his teams to strive for well-crafted solutions as well as personal growth.

Other experience includes training new teams on agile practices, coaching teams to deliver high-quality, well-performing, maintainable solutions as well as doing public speaking engagements & product evangelism.

More about Erik?



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Erik uses Github to share some code & examples.

Erik is one of the most, if not the most, creative and innovative engineer I have worked with. Former director
Erik always wants to satisfy the customer while at the same time considering the big picture. Former VP
Erik's calm demeanor makes it easy to receive constructive criticism and for me, provides practical feedback for growth. Former team member
Erik is a fantastic presenter. Better in English than most native English speakers, he delivers content rich material in an easy to understand and consumable manner. Former director

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Meise, Belgium
Phone: +32 474 58 72 44
Email: erik.sacre@sacryn.eu


Not in Belgium? We are available for international assignments.