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A long-form site design

Written by Erik Sacré on 29 Dec 2012.

When we designed this site, we wanted it to be short and to-the-point. After giving it some thought, we decided to go for a single long-form(ish) page that contains everything a visitor needs:

Long-form site design

A single page may take a bit longer to load, but once loaded, it responds really fast. It is also perfect for viewing on tablets and even on smartphones. The design is responsive, so on smaller screens it adjusts to become narrower and longer. On a smartphone you even get a ‘Call us’ option to make it really easy to get in touch.

The main web page contains our core message. Our blog is used to go in-depth. We plan to write feature articles, tell you our opinions and sometimes include some small ‘tidbits’. We kept the blog design extremely simple. It is about the content, and content is meant to be read. So we used a large type, and made it as easy to read as an e-book.

With a minimum viable product released (this website), we can start to focus on the content and the services we would like to offer.

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