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Feeling the pain

Written by Erik Sacré on 08 May 2012.

I’m not only a software guy… I’m also a photographer. Lately personal reasons have led me to reflect a lot on my current life and career. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to split my time between multiple activities. Have some work in the software business, and reserve some time for my photography business. If possible, do some writing as well… (I’m an aspiring author of a novel)

Last month’s reflections made me realize I’ve fallen in the same trap as I did for the past 20 years or so. My software business is all-consuming. While it gets food on the table, it is not what I currently want. I really want to do something related to photography.


OK, I hear you say, grab your camera and start shooting. I should, but I want more. I want this shooting to be part of my revenue generating business. This requires solid planning, marketing, attracting and keeping customers, being prepared for eventualities, and a lot more. Switching between the creative process and doing everything required from a business point of view can be hard. I think a lot of the pro photographers feel this same pain. In fact I know of someone who is building a web application to keep track of the process for photographers.

This made me think about what pains I am feeling. What is holding me back? What is keeping me from just doing it?

I need to reflect some more to find answers. And because I really am a software guy, images of handy apps are popping up in my mind. Perhaps I should create one of those photographer organizational tools myself, as a Lean Startup.

I said I wanted to focus more on photography. Writing software for photographers will not help me to shoot more, but at least it is related to photography.

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