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Kindle: an excellent single-purpose device

Written by Erik Sacré on 14 Mar 2012.

I love my iPad. I really like a lot of the apps that you can get for it. I enjoy reading my email, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos. I use it as well to organize my thoughts, to listen to music, to act as the remote control for my Sonos wireless hi-fi system and to watch the excellent training videos of Kelby Training.

The one thing I only enjoy moderately is reading books on it. I never quite knew why. The iPad is handy, iBooks is a nice app for organizing and reading, but somehow it never felt quite comfortable.

Recently my mother bought a Kindle e-reader from Amazon.com. The Kindle is extremely simple. It does one thing: it lets you read books. No email, no YouTube, no… The big difference is the display type. E-Ink is easy on the eye. You’re no longer staring at a light source, like on most other devices.

I liked the Kindle experience so much that I ordered one myself. It arrived preconfigured with my account, ready to download books. I bought a couple of books, and now I find it hard to stop reading. I re-discovered how much I like to read.

I can recommend the Kindle experience to anyone who likes reading.

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